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Structure of the Database

The complete database contains the following components ( the text links leading to each of the screen-shots of the corresponding views ): At the Start all records are sorted by their creation date / modified date. The individual data sets can be selected directly by clicking them of searching for them.

The display of a record starts with the basic data, which is identical for all weapons groups. The basic data for the most part corresponds to an object inventory sheet as used by many museums and collections.

The measurement data, the image database and the data on trademarks or inscriptions can be accessed via the sub-menu.

In the measurement data, in addition to the measurements, a verbal description of the object is also included, the image database includes images, photos and sketches, scale drawings or etching as well as digital images with associated information. Sub-menu / inscription, there is a separate form for documented trademarks and or inscriptions.

In addition to PDF export, complete individual data sets and metric values relating to an enquiry can be exported in tabular form.

The individual data fields as well as the classifications, definitions and lists of subject headings used can be found in our bilingual user guide V 1.1. In addition templates are available for your own research work.